ENERGY HEALING BUNDLE #1 - $25, shipping included
  • 1 Amazing Managizer
  • 1 Standard Power Coin
  • 1 PDF: Linear Healing Energy

    ENERGY HEALING BUNDLE #2 - $35, shipping included
  • 1 Advanced Power Coin
  • 1 Pewter Eye of Kanaloa Pendant
  • 1 PDF: Healing Shapes



  • Appearance: bright, gold-colored coin the size of a US classic silver dollar.
  • Functions as an energy device with a powerful radiant field for healing, strengthening, and also charging liquids.
  • Features the Eye of Kanaloa symbol for meditation and amplifying energy.
  • Has the Seven Principles of Huna in Hawaiian to remind you of the philosophy and as a guide for power chanting.
  • Displays the Aloha International sailing canoe to remind you of the Way of the Adventurer.
  • Shows the Huna Practice guidelines of Bless the Present, Trust Yourself, and Expect the Best.
  • Provides Aloha International contact information for help with healing.
  • Comes with instructions and a velveteen pouch.
  • Standard model has all the above features and is lightweight (.25 oz/7 grams).
  • Advanced model has a stronger energy field, is made of solid bronze, has sharper definition, and weighs more (.75 oz/21 grams).
  • Comes with complete instructions, plus a velveteen pouch for the Advanced model.


  • Apperarance: the size of a credit card. One side features Rainbow Falls in Hilo on the Big Island in full flood, for calming energy, and the other side features an actual lava fall from Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island for stimulating energy.
  • Has an overlay of the amplifying symbol known as the Eye of Kanaloa.
  • Based on an esoteric theory of photographic reproduction of energy fields and the amplification effect of certain symbols.
  • Provides relief of static build-up from positive ions.
  • Helps to relieve stress and increase strength.
  • Helps to relieve pain or discomfort and promote healing.
  • Produces the same energy effects as crystals.
  • Improves the taste of water, wine, liquor, coffee and tea.
  • Aids the health of indoor plants.
  • Comes with complete instructions.

  • Appearance: the Eye of Kanaloa in the form of 5 temporary tattoos.
  • Tattoos applied directly to the skin will typically last 1-3 days, depending on location and contact with clothing.
  • Helps to relieve pain or discomfort and promote healing.
  • Helps to increase energy output for hands-on healing (place on the back of hand).
  • May improve the taste of water, wine, liquor, coffee and tea when used like the coin or managizer without removing the protective plastic cover.
  • Comes with complete instructions.

Contains information and instructions for making and using energy wands, rods and staves.

Contains information and instructions for using fundamental shapes in the form of physical objects and drawings, or as thoughtforms to assist healing and manifesting.