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THE GODDESS STORIES VIDEO, by Serge Kahili King, Ph.D. Special price $59.95, 2-hour all-region DVD video - includes shipping

"...and Hina dwelt at the bottom of the sea..."

Experience the Hawaiian Goddess Legends re-enacted by the audience under the direction of Master Story Teller, Serge Kahili King.

Hina, goddess of water magic, the moon, and feminine beauty
Haumea, goddess of stone magic, manifesting, and mother of Pele
Pele, goddess of fire magic, the volcano, and creativity
Hii'aka, goddess of wind magic, travel, and daughter of Pele
Laka, goddess of plant magic, love, and hula
Kapo, goddess of animal magic, psychic abilities, and troubleshooting
Uli, goddess of human magic, miracles, and spirit worlds