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THE MAUI STORIES VIDEO, by Serge Kahili King, Ph.D. $59.95, 2-hour all-region DVD video - includes shipping

"...and Maui reached up and took his magic fish hook from the sky..."

Serge Kahili King directs and narrates a live presentation of eight stories about the famous Polynesian shaman/trickster/magician Maui Kupua, with impromptu performances of all the characters by members of the audience! Enjoy drama, laughter, surprises, and even some Hawaiian culture and Huna teachings in this very special video.

The eight stories included are:
Maui The Smuggler
Maui Lifts The Sky
Maui Unites The Islands - Almost
Maui Joins The Priesthood
Maui Captures The Sun
Maui Finds The Secret Of Fire
Maui Learns How To Make 'Awa
The Birth Of Maui