Huna Teacher Training Course
by Serge Kahili King, Ph.D.

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Learn Huna Teaching Skills

Serge Kahili King brings over 40 years of experience teaching thousands worldwide into this complete kit for anyone serious about becoming a successful teacher. Recorded live from a 5-day workshop, the course includes business tips and timing tricks, building confidence and stage presence - it's all here! In the live course students were videotaped for for personal feedback, but all you need is a mirror or a friend to get the same benefit. This will unquestionably make you a better teacher in any area of life. It is a thorough, profound and insightful study of one of the world's greatest gifts to others. Learn the importance of storytelling and demonstrations with examples of each, and a chance to practice short presentations yourself. Invaluable for increasing your communication skills and confidence in any area of life.

You receive:

  • An 8-hour audio course in MP3 format downloadable in 1 Zip file. PLEASE NOTE! Some of the original audio did not record well and cannot be fixed, but the information is still worthwhile.
  • A demonstration video for teaching Huna
  • Business tips for increasing profits
  • Guidelines for successful teaching
  • Audience participation and pertinent questions
  • Timing tricks to lengthen or shorten a workshop
  • Demonstrations of effective teaching techniques
  • Complete notes of the course in PDF format
  • Handouts used in the course
  • Full understanding of the Huna principles for effective presentations
You will save at least three times this small investment in yourself when you give your first workshop. The information is invaluable!

This is a self-study course designed to benefit anyone with the desire and initiative to be a teacher. It is not the policy of Aloha International nor that of Dr. King to certify anyone as a teacher of Huna. If you wish to teach Huna you are free to do so to the best of your ability.