Many years ago some friends and I had a party. As well as I can remember, they were Susan Pa'iniu Floyd, Earl Stokes, and Lois Stokes. After the party was well underway, they talked me into singing some of the songs I'd written for fun, for inspiration, for motivation and for manifesting. The result was the first "Underground Album."

It was called that because the next day, when I had gotten over the effects of the party and listened to what we had done I thought it was terrible and didn't want anyone else to hear it. Earl published it anyway, "undercover," and made it available to a few people at the time. For years I planned to re-record the songs properly with decent musical accompaniement, but never found the time.

Now, many years later, I know I never will find the time, so I have swallowed my pride (outgrown it, really) and have published twelve of the original songs in their original form: a little off-key, a few wrong notes, a bit hokey, and still accompanied by me plunking away on my ukulele. I hope that whoever listens will ignore that and find some enjoyment, and perhaps usefulness, in the lyrics themselves.

The album, in MP3 format, includes these songs:
"Life Is An Adventure," by Serge
"Absolutely Wonderful," by Serge
"I'm The Best," by Serge
My Home," by Serge
"Keep Your Focus," by Serge
"My Body," by Serge
"Remember," by Serge
"Energy," by Serge
"The EWOP Song," by Serge
"Aloha Is Compassion," by Serge & Friends
"We Are One" by Serge & Friends

The download includes two PDF songsheets: the lyrics to eleven of the above songs on one, and the lyrics of the twelfth one plus nine more with original lyrics written to the tunes of popular songs on the other.