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Changing Reality, by Serge Kahili King, Ph.D.

In this ground-breaking book, Dr. King, author of Urban Shaman and Executive Director of Aloha International, introduces one of the most profound and, for some, disturbing concepts of Huna: the idea that the experience, nature, and very structure of reality can be changed by a combination of knowledge, skill, and assumptions about reality itself.

The first two chapters introduce the basic concepts and give a short review of the Huna principles.

Part I, the shortest, concentrates on the importance of increasing knowledge, understanding the effects of language on our perceptions and possibilities, and the value of self esteem in the process of change.

Part II deals with Extended Sensory Perception and Projection as a means of changing reality, particularly Telepathy, Clairvoyance, and Telekinesis.

Part III explains and explores the skills of Creative Dreaming, Magical Flight, and Manifesting through Symbols.

Part IV is about Changing the World by Changing Yourself, and the Art of the Grok.

And along the way you get to enjoy some of the author's best songs and poems as a bonus.

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