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Here is Serge Kahili King's latest novel, a tale of Atlantis.

Inspired by a hypnotic regression, this is a novel about Atlantis unlike any other. In this version Atlantis is ruled by a council of Scientists, Sorcerers, and Mentalists and its empire extends around the world. It is a tale of science versus magic, love versus lust, and power so great that it takes the fall of an empire to save the world.

From the Author's Note: "The hero of this story is Altek, a member of the nobility by virtue of being a member of the bureaucracy. At the time the story begins he was Chancellor of the Bureau of Vital Energy, a position analogous to a Secretary or Minister of Energy Resources. Vital energy, however, was nothing like what is in general use today. It was related to, but not the same as, our electromagnetic energy. Altek belonged to the faction of Scientists, disdained the Sorcerers, and had a violent dislike of the Mentalists. He was arrogant and egotistical in some ways, humane and sympathetic in others. And upon him rested the whole future of the human race."