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Endless Energy, by Serge Kahili King, Ph.D. $4.99, 183 pp e-book

Dr. King's first book of essays in English draws from his rich source of audio lectures, transcribed by Alakai Graeme Urlich and then completely re-written, often with added material, into a literary format.

This book consists of seven essays of varying length:

Endless Energy, the title essay, contains a wealth of information on the nature and use of energy from a Huna perspective.

The Mystery of Mana is a very detailed analysis of this much misunderstood Hawaiian concept of power.

Positive Programming starts with an explanation of what positive thinking really is, and then goes far beyond to include positive action.

Intuitive Abilities is all about recognizing and making use of telepathy and other psychic talents.

Wilderness Insights is based on a personal experience of Huna principles revealed in nature during a backpacking trip.

The Will of God describes a Huna-based response to the ideas of "process theology."

The Most Important Thing is simply all about that.