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URBAN SHAMAN, by Serge Kahili King, Ph.D.

A handbook for personal and planetary transformation. Includes a history of Hawaiian shamanism, a detailed discussion of the seven principles of Huna, and an abundance of shamanic healing techniques for use in the urban environment. You will learn how to

  • interpret and change your dreams
  • heal yourself, your relationships, and the environment
  • cast the shaman stones to know the unknown
  • design and perform powerful rituals
  • shapechange for healing and adventure
  • make vision quests to other realities without leaving town
"This beautiful, useful book reveals profound teachings about our relationship with the natural world and the universe. I was inspired by these wisdom principles that can illuminate our path through life." - Dan Millman
"A very good book for people seeking deeper knowledge of the shamanic wisdom of today and how to apply it to their everyday lives." - Sun Bear
"Dr. King's traditional Hawaiian approach to healing and his blessing rituals are especially respectful and worthy of our full attention." - Louise Hay