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Endless Energy, a book of essays covering seven different topics.

Changing Reality, how to use the Four Worlds of a Shaman to change your life in any way you want.

Huna: Ancient Hawaiian Secrets for Modern Living, the title says it all.

Imagineering For Health: The New Millenium Edition, how to heal your body with your mind, with new stories, new techniques, and the best of what was already there.

Healing Relationships, new ideas and new techniques.

Healing For The Millions, the Dynamind Technique in detail.

Dangerous Journeys, a novel of Hawaiian shamanism in action.

Instant Healing, how it works and how to do it.

Urban Shaman, a guide to shaman practice in the modern world.

Kahuna Healing, philosophy and practices of Huna masters.

Earth Energies, ideas and experiments with natural energy.

Mastering Your Hidden Self, how to work with your subconscious.

Books by other authors carried by The Huna Store
The Chakra Diaries, by Becca Chopra - Balance your own energy centers as you experience how ten people transform their lives during a chakra balancing workshop.

Path of the Pearl, by Mary Olsen Kelly - a gentle way to self awareness and change.

The Adventurer's Quest, by Paul Waters - a guide to Huna practice.