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DANGEROUS JOURNEYS, by Serge Kahili King.

Join the adventure as a Hawaiian shaman and his reluctant apprentice travel to Europe in the 1990s for an easy assignment and end up battling a psychic assassin for their own lives and those of others. From Waikiki, to Copenhagen, to Heidelberg, to Bavaria, and back to the Big Island, the adventure takes you on exciting and dangerous journeys in both outer and inner worlds.

Comments from recent readers:
"Reading Dangerous Journeys gave me great pleasure, and I felt sorry to have to say goodby to the two Hawaiians so soon after two days of fascinated reading. The story is rather wild at times, resembling a mixture of James Bond and Harry Potter, but, yeah, I enjoyed the tender parts all the more. I hope to be able to read more of that genre in the near future." - Franz K., Switzerland

"I have just finished your book: Dangerous Journeys. It is very special and exciting. I imagine it will be a movie pretty soon. Have you send the script to Steven Spielberg?" - Rikke N., Denmark

"I just finished Dangerous Journeys and thought it was WONDERFUL! It is enthralling and inspirational. I don't want you to stop teaching, but I can't wait for the next book." - Terry H., Kansas

"Urban shamanism at its best"


"Keoki, meanwhile, had his eyes fixed on the woods. He saw a woman there, looking straight at him with glowing eyes. She was obscured by brush and branches, but he knew with absolute certainty that it was the same woman he had seen at Tivoli, the same woman he had dreamed about. He didn't know what to do. Amidst all the noise, and shouts, and screaming, and terror, he could only look at her.

Impossibly, he heard a voice speaking to him. It was as clear and loud as if the person were standing next to him in a quiet room, but he was not in a quiet room and there was no one next to him. It was the woman in the woods. It couldn't be, but it was.

You can hear me. Then there is a deep connection between us after all. I may have loved you once. No matter. You cannot harm me. You don't know how. The Danish girl and the old man have to die.

Keoki glanced at Karen. Her face grew pale and she fell to the ground. Through the noise and confusion he heard his grandfather cry out and saw him clutching his head. Keoki swung back to the woman in the woods and shouted "Nooo!" Without thinking about it he drew upon subconscious memories of computer game battles and willed a blazing fireball toward the glowing eyes. He was not even aware that he had his hand thrust out like one of his wizard illustrations. In his minds's eye he saw the fireball fly out of his hand in into the woods. The eyes of the woman grew wide in surprise and then she blinked out. Disappeared as if she had never been there.

Surprised himself, Keoki took a few moments to get reoriented. First he looked at Gramps, who was sitting down and shaking his head, but otherwise looking okay. Then he turned to Karen, who was still lying on the ground. As he knelt beside her and took her hand her eyes opened and her color started coming back. She took a deep breath and tried to get up and he helped her to her feet. He held onto her as they looked around at the deadly results of Seeker's revenge."

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